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Haptek Hypertext Reference

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November 2002



Haptek Hypertext is the name given to the textual commands and queries by which a programmer or designer controls the Hapek API and characters. (The name 'hypertext' is something of a misnomer, as it only vaguely resembles other 'hypertexts' such as HTML.) These commands are used to load characters into the scene, issue stage-directions, play scripts and sounds, control text-to-speech, trigger animations, etc. Commands can be sent to the API or Player either one-at-a-time, or several-at-a-time, or can be stored in script files which may be played back. The commands and querries are text-only.

When in an HTML environment, use the SendText() and HapQuery() functions in the JavaScript Wrapper.
For examples of queries and commands in VC and other ActiveX environments, see the ActiveX Programming Guide.


Command Files and Scripts

Execution Order



Most commands in the reference have examples.
The javascript guide also has many good examples.


The commands and queries reference is here.