Create Interactive Automated Personalities full of auto-charm, auto-emotions, and auto-fun using simple photographs and your own voice. Make interactive 3D Web sites, Give yourself a Beauty & Personality Make-Over, try new hairstyles and so much more!Get Info

Use this player to view Haptek content over the Web. Compatible with PeoplePutty, it has been newly enhanced and updated. Includes plugins for all popular browsers, as well as a stand-alone player. Still runs most content from VirtualFriend 3.

Want to put Haptek Characters in your application or web page? Know a thing or two about HTML and want to go beyond the pages you can create in PeoplePutty? This small development kit includes documentation, data and code samples, plus a FREE license for non-commercial use of the technology!

Our previous Whole Enchilada! Tons of 3D Characters, Scenes, Tutorials, etc! Make your own 3D Movies!

Yes, we have something for Macs, but (blush) it's really out of date. But you still see characters emote, react, and make them speak and morph. We promise we'll be porting a full version soon.